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ropebridgeOur New aerial adventure course is now open! Multiple layers of fun for almost the whole family. The Lower Tier will allow our smallest thrill seekers (must be 4 years old or older) to experience the rush of adventure on their own size scale. Obstacles and zip lines are sure to have the little ones having the time of their lives. The Upper Tier is a must do challenge for 9 year olds and up! This new course features the Smart Snap belay system which we use to ensure maximum safety. The Upper Tier is another great way to team build with your group if you want something a little less traditional.

Team Building High and Low Ropes Print

Remember: You must make reservations for any and all Adventures!


Georgia Team Building at its Best: and near Atlanta! A fun way to boost your group’s productivity in
a very Unique Place.   From traditional courses to the Extreme treks -  we have what your group needs!

Is your organization looking for ways to build a strong team oriented group of people with the ability to adapt to the ever changing business environments? Do you need to get your people to think   “outside of the box”   while looking for solutions to difficult problems?

Try out our low and high ropes team building and GPS trek courses. We can take groups as small as 6 and groups of up to 150 out on our courses. And, we are not in the middle of a ball field. Our courses are set in the beautiful and historic Snake Creek Gorge and historic township of Banning Mills.

This is a safe and fun way to increase your organization’s productivity!
Guinness Worlds Records Climbing Wall Print

GWR-LogoNew and extreme adventure at Banning Mills with the Tallest free standing climbing wall and Adventure tower in the world!

***IT IS OFFICIAL!!   We have (Two) GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS!!! One for the Longest Zip line Tour & One For the Tallest 
Freestanding Climbing Wall in the WORLD!!  As of 17 Nov. 2012.

  This new climbing experience is now open and can be done by itself or as an add on to one of the many adventure trek opportunities. 

At 140 ft high, (That's 14 stories) with 9 Climbing lanes to include 2 rappel walls, up to 95ft. A beginner can try our 5.5 route or if you want to try something that will mentally and physically challenge yourself, we have a 5.12 route.  With 4 overhangs, a traversing overhang and chimney, each route is unique and dynamic.  And, If you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a breath taking panoramic view of the Snake Creek Gorge.      You will feel absolutely on top of the world!    *And if you want too, you can do a 10 story controlled Free Fall to the ground!

GPS Adventure Challenge Print


Another unique Georgia Team Building Experience:
The GPS Adventure Challenge is an innovative way
to build your team!

Our GPS Adventure Challenge combines adventure, technology and team building into a unique and exciting group experience. Based on the recreational sport called "geo caching", teams will learn how to use GPS devices to get from point A to point B, etc". At each point, the team must complete scenarios as to earn the right to get to the next point.Teams will be given hand held GPS devices and have to plan their strategy for locating each point. So right off the bat, your group will have to solve problems, communicate and work together.

Team Building Adventures Print


Here's a unique and fun way to boost your group’s productivity!

Is your organization looking for ways to build a strong team oriented group of people with the ability to adapt to the ever changing business environments? Do you need to get your people to think “outside of the box” while looking for solutions to difficult problems?

Aerial Adventure Challenge Park Print


Aerial Adventure Challenge Park: The Terminator Corner
This is the Ultimate High Extreme Adventure!

*Think outside the box!  *Click Here see MOVIE

Zip line into a series of very high and extreme challenge elements up to 80 ft. in height. Try out the swinging planks, The Tarzan Slide, Loop to Loops and much much more, 12 in all with out ever touching the ground!  It will keep your adrenalin pumping and heart pounding! And Two more exciting zip lines return you as you continue on the Zip line  Eco Canopy Tour you were already doing.

Power Free Fall.. What a RUSH!! Print


*Georgia's Only 100 foot FREE FALL -  What a RUSH! - A True Step of Faith!  Click Here> See >> Movie

Price: $29.00pp. (add on option only to level 2 thru 4 zipline canopy tour)
Check out ONE of Banning Mills’ Adventure Resort’s Newest Thrills!
Combine breathtaking, panoramic views 250 feet high over the Gorge along with heart pounding, knee knocking Eco Adventure and what do you get?
...FUNNNN!!! .. 2 Free falls and 2 more Great Zips over Snake Creek Gorge!

We welcome our 100 ft POWER FALL off the  Adventure  Power Tower. The First of its kind on the East Coast!!!!   At 150 ft high, this is one Big Timber Pole Tower!

Birds of Prey Shows and Nature Events Print


Meet Conservationist and Master Falconer Dale Arrowood and
his Winged Ambassadors

Meet our feathered staff as we give you a live and exciting show with Georgia’s indigenous birds of prey. Dale Arrowood, with Winged Ambassadors, will not only give you live flight demonstrations but when you leave, you will have a better understanding of these amazing birds of prey. A must see! $5 per person.

Ancient Art of Falconry Print


Experience a Once in a lifetime chance to
have a personal experience with live Raptors!

Whoooooooo wouldn’t want a chance to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating of God’s creations? With the Ancient Art of Falconry program, our guests will learn the history of falconry, a basic introduction to equipment used, weighing, feeding, housing and permitting of the birds. Guests will then have a chance to experience live handling, training and flying of the birds. Field work will include use of the lure. Our program uses the Eurasian Eagle owl, Barbary, Saker and Lanner falcons. Our participants will get to see several of the indigenous raptors but Federal regulations prohibit anyone, other than a licensed falconer to handle indigenous species of birds of prey.

Live Flight Falcon Hunts Print


Can you hear the call of the wild?

With the live Falcon hunts, Dale Arrowood will introduce you to the species of falcons and hawks used to hunt small game. They will learn the history of falconry and the hunt, equipment needed and used and the basics of what to do and what not to do on a hunt. Dale will then take the guests out for a live, small game hunt with the falcons. An exciting adventure awaits as you watch the falcons at the hunt! Program is from 4 to 6 hours.

Horseback Riding in the Lovely Outdoors Print


Enjoy horseback riding on beautiful historic trails
with peaceful surroundings
New Trails coming soon!!! 

*Click here see MOVIE 

Here's a unique horseback riding adventure! Rides start at $39 per person for 1 hour and $70 per person for the 2-hour ride.

Exciting Kayaking Adventures Print


Take a peaceful ride in our unsinkable kayaks.

They are safer than a boat or canoe, are very hard to turn over, and no roll training is required. These kayaks provide a relaxing platform to observe nature's wonders and the native heritage of our rivers and creek. You can ride the kayak in the Chattahoochee River or in our lake. Go back in time and paddle in the same areas as the Creek and Cherokee Indians did generations ago.

Scenic Hiking Trails Print


Explore History and Nature in Georgia's only Hidden Gorge with Day Hiking.

With acres and acres of wooded property, there are many trails to explore at Historic Banning Mills. As you hike along the old town roads, Creek Indian paths and old water raceways, one can feel generations of the past envelope you. Hike along Snake Creek, explore the ruins of the paper mill and walk on actual water raceways. Trails range from mild to moderately strenuous.

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