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Meet Conservationist and Master Falconer Dale Arrowood and
his Winged Ambassadors

Meet our feathered staff as we give you a live and exciting show with Georgia‚Äôs indigenous birds of prey. Dale Arrowood, with Winged Ambassadors, will not only give you live flight demonstrations but when you leave, you will have a better understanding of these amazing birds of prey. A must see! $5 per person.

 Show Dates and Times: All shows will start at 10:30 am at the Nature Theater.

2014 Show Dates!

New Programs!!

Dale will be introducing some of our
new feathered staff to include Esmeralda, our new
Turkey Vulture. She is going to capture your hearts!
We are excited about all the new flight demonstrations 
as well as new birds. 
Come visit us and experience Raptors at their best!

New New New!!! One more show before winter!

November 15th will be our last show for the year.

Come by and see us before the winter weather sets in!  


Shows Dates may change so
please call us before coming to
make sure the show is still on! 


We are still reserving Falcon Hunts. Please call us to find out more information!

Owl Bird of PreyDale Arrowood - Master Falconer
Dale began working with raptors in the late 60's as a young boy while growing up on the farm in Palmetto, Ga. His interest was sparked by watching Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom" on Sunday afternoons with Jim Fowler and Marlin Perkins.

As he worked with these unique creatures and began to study and learn about their habitats, his interest was drawn to the ancient art and sport of falconry.

Also, at about this time, Dale decided to start a career as a police officer as well as continuing his call to work and hunt with his birds of prey.

After 27 years in law enforcement, a cervical injury forced Dale into retirement. However, Dale was not about to give up on his call to work with raptors.

Soon after retirement, a job opportunity presented itself to Dale at Callaway Gardens. Dale contracted to train their birds of prey and open up their raptor programs. Dale stayed at Callaway, lecturing for about 4 years.

black-vultureHe was fortunate to meet and work with such people as Jim Fowler, Okeefenokee Joe and others who later helped Dale fulfill his dream of establishing an educational show called "Winged Ambassadors".

Dale has trained and flown several species of falcons, hawks, owls, vultures and eagles over many years. His show ranges from pure falconry purposes to education and even lecture opportunities throughout the southeast.

In his leisure time, Dale still finds himself drawn to the fields with some of his raptor hunting companions, spending the day looking into the skies as special bonds are renewed between them.

Dale has brought a tremendous amount of knowledge into his programs and receives support from Auburn University and his life long hero and close friend, Jim Fowler.


Come visit our new outside theater featuring the bird of prey show with Dale Arrowood and Winged Ambassadors. 

We can reserve a bird show just for your group! Adults and Children are $5 per person. Children under 4 are free. Please do not bring any animals. They will not be allowed onto the property. Our birds appreciate your understanding! RSVP required.  Just give us a call!  770 834 9149 or email us:

Dale Arrowood

Snake Creek Gorge Wildflower ECO-Tours and Bird of Prey Shows

Pretty Dogwood Tree FlowersWith springtime in the Snake Creek Gorge,
comes an amazing array of unique wildflowers and plants. What better way to experience their beauty than to to be led by botanists, David Morgan of UGA and Wendell Hoomes on a walk and talk educational tour of the Wildflowers of the Snake Creek Gorge!

With personal attention on each of these tours, you will not only enjoy the unique eco system of this hidden treasure of Georgia but learn about the forgotten history of the ghost town of Banning Mills.

After the walking tour, come back to the Inn's main dining area to enjoy a scrumptious lunch prepared for you by our chef. You will then be treated to an amazing Bird of Prey show by Dale Arrowood and the Winged Ambassadors. Dale is a master falconer who helped start the Bird of Prey program at Calloway Gardens. Dale now travels the USA to introduce the public to these magnificent and often misunderstood birds.

dragonflyThe tours are by rsvp only and have limited slots. There is a moderate amount of physical activity required. You will be walking into and out of the gorge but you will be on a trail system.

At 9 am, the Walking wildflower tour starts promptly. Meet at the main lodge at Historic Banning Mills at least 15 minutes before 9 am. Please wear good walking type shoes and dress accordingly. Layers are best for as the day progresses, it should get warmer.

At 12 noon, enjoy a delicious Lunch at the main lodge. At 1:30 pm, see the Bird of Prey show. Pets are not allowed.

Date to be announced soon!

Cost is $35 per person all inclusive. RSVP only. Limited slots. Call 770-834-9149 to make your reservation. Or, you may send us an email.

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