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Historic Banning Mills Adventure, Retreat and
Conservation Center Media Kit

Now home to The Longest and Largest continuous zip line Eco canopy tour in the World!      (Guinness World records says it is)  Featuring the Amazing Flight of the Falcon, 3400ft long and 4 half mile long zip lines called the Screaming Triple Eagles with speeds up to 60 mph. Our Sky Trek bridge is 600 feet long and 180 feet high over Snake Creek Gorge. Beautiful views. Intense Adventure. Four tours to choose from. You can enjoy these Zip Line Tours all year long except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years days.

Banning Mills is a Family run & built non profit conservancy. Proceeds from our retreat and adventure treks are used to subsidize our educational, leadership and conservancy programs.  Because of budget constraints, these outdoor and retreat opportunities continue to provide affordable outdoor experiences to our schools and youth organizations.

Sky Trek Bridge ViewEnjoy 50000 Lf. almost 10 miles of Zip lines, tree traverse elements, tree platforms and tree houses. Heights range from 65 feet to 300 feet. Guests can soar speeds of up to 60 mph! A bird’s eye view of the unique and gorgeous Snake Creek Gorge.

This is a true Eco Canopy Tour!  

We are the most experienced (Pioneers) High Speed Zip line tour operator in North America. We are ACCT/PRCA built/inspected. Our guides are EMT, Wilderness First Responder and High Rescue trained.

Zip Line Safety ChecksRestrictions apply. Reservations must be made. Must be 10 years old and weigh close to 90 lbs except the Forest Tour. Girls need to weigh under 250 lbs and guys need to weigh under 285 lbs. Must be physically able to climb two 65 foot towers and possibly a 100 foot tower, depending on tour. Must have good balance and full range of motion on all extremities.

This is not recommended for those with heart and/or respiratory problems, moderate to severe back, hip and knee problems or those past their first trimester of pregnancy.

Team Building FunParticipate in unique and fun Team Building Leadership courses and GPS treks. Our on site course of low and high ropes elements are set in the midst of the historic and beautiful Snake Creek Gorge.

With a focus on building communication skills, problem solving as a group, trust building and learning to work together, this course will help your group’s productivity increase while having lots of fun.

Terminator CornerYou'll love our exciting Extreme High Elements! Challenge your group to some pretty extreme high elements at our new Terminator Corner. This is one adventure that will get your hear rate thumping! Using the Fear of Heights, we take our guests to their limits and help them go thru obstacles and challenges, just like real life hurdles!

This is not for the faint of heart. Please call for restrictions.

There are many more fun Adventures for you at Historic Banning Mills!
Treat yourself to scenic horseback riding in our beautiful gorge, 7 and 14 mile kayak treks, skeet and tandem sky diving opportunities, Falcon Hunts and so much more.

Historic Banning Mills is more that just an Adventure Park. As a 501c3 Conservation Center, Banning Mills has been instrumental in preserving much of the Snake Creek Gorge. Since working with the Trust for Public Lands, the Gorge now has over 1200 acres preserved in perpetuity.

Horseback RidingThe unique eco system of the gorge, the significant history of the mill town of Banning and the closeness to Atlanta, makes Banning Mills a very special place!

Whether you are looking for a bed and breakfast experience, a romantic adventure getaway, a corporate event, a girl’s getaway, an adrenalin pumping adventure, team building or just a relaxing retreat away from life’s  stresses, Banning Mills offers something for just about everyone!

owl-flyingLodging at the Inn - On site chef - History Museum of Banning, RV Park - Bird of Prey Shows - Day Spa on site and much more!

Meeting Venues Only 45 minutes from Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport.

Amenities: Pool (in season), hiking, tennis/basketball court, mini golf, sand volleyball, catch and release fishing lake, horseshoes, softball field.

Banning Mills LodgeRoom Rates
The Country Inn side of the lodge has the following 4 different styles of rooms.
Jacuzzi Room: $189 the first night and $129 for additional nights.
Pine Log Cabin Room: $169 the first night & $129 additional nights.
Cozy Cottage: $119 per night
Lodge Rooms: $99 per night.

All room rates on the Inn side are quoted for double occupancy and include a full breakfast each morning of a guest’s stay

The RV Center has full size cabins and rustic cottages. Rates range from $75 per night for the rustic cottages and from $149 to $199 per night for the full size cabins. These rates do not include a breakfast.

RV Sites:

Partial Hookup: $22 per night
Full Hookup: $29 per night
Primitive Tent Sites: $15 per tent (up to 4 per tent)

Kayaking on the Hooch                                                      
Adventure Rates:
Zip Line Canopy Tours:
The Forest Tour:
$49 Per Person (11/2 to 2 hours)

Pattern Tour: $69 Per Person (up to 21/2 to 3 hours)
Pattern Plus Tour: $99 Per Person (up to 3 to 3 ½ hours)
Extreme Tour: $149 Per Person ( up to 4 to 51/2 hours)
All Day RUSH (ADR):$249 Per Person (up to 8 hours) or 60 Different Zip lines and 47 Sky Bridges!! Out of 100 Ziplines and 72 Sky bridges!

And Now there is a TWO Day Rush!!  (Up to 16 Hours)  or 100 Different Zip lines and 72 Sky bridges...You heard right!  The Only place in the World you can do that!

Horseback Rides Guided Tour
One Hour: $39 Per Person
Two Hours: $70 Per Person

Kayaking Guided Tour
7 Mile Trek: $85 Per Person
14 Mile Trek: $120 Per Person  

Jacuzzi Room                                                                 
The History of Banning Mills
Banning Mills is located in the beautiful Snake Creek Gorge in Carroll County Georgia and is about 19 miles south of Douglasville and 45 minutes west of Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport. It was once known as the “Tallulah Gorge” of West Georgia.

The area was originally home to the Creek Indian nation and many of their lodges were built along the Snake Creek which is a tributary of the Chattahoochee River. One of the most famous (or infamous) of the Creek Indians was Chief William McIntosh.  His father was Scottish and his mother was Creek Indian. He fought with Andrew Jackson against the Seminoles, dined with Thomas Jefferson at the White House and was the third cousin to then …. Governor George Troup of GA.

Chief McIntosh was a great entrepreneurial business man. He owned hundreds of acres of land in Ga. and Ala of which his many slaves took care of. He owned taverns, trading posts and ferries and his main plantation, called Lockchau Talofau, or Acorn Town, was about 5 miles from the Snake Creek Gorge.  When McIntosh signed the treaties of 1825, the Upper Creek Indians became very upset and about 3000 Indian braves came down to his plantation at Lockchau. Chief McIntosh was murdered at his home and is still buried today at his old home place in Caroll County which is now know as McIntosh Reserve.

Chief William McIntoshChief William McIntosh
By the early 1800’s, white settlements had begun to spring up in Carroll County. Because there is a fall of about 70 feet along the shoals of the Snake Creek, it was the perfect place to use water power for mills.  By 1846, the Bowen Brothers built a small textile mill along the Snake Creek.

It consisted, at that time, of five hundred spindles to produce yarns. The area was known as Bowenville. During the Civil War, another textile mill was built by a freed slave named Horace King.

This textile mill was owned by William Amis and produced cloth (for uniforms) exclusively for the Confederacy. Horace later became known as the Master Bridge builder of the South. He was known for his excellent work on constructing covered bridges all over the southeast. Horace lived at Banning Mills for a short while and was part owner of a ferry system on the Chattahoochee River. Two pulp mills and a paper mill were also built along the shoals of the creek during this time.

The post Civil War era saw a decline in the mills output. In 1872, Arthur Hutchenson acquired the textile mill and U.B. Wilkenson bought the paper and pulp mills.  The mills thrived under these men’s leadership and the paper mill produced paper that won state awards and later became one of the first places in the United States to make paper from pulp instead of cloth rags. It was at this time that the name of the town changed to Banning Mills. Banning Mils was one of the first cutting edge industrial areas in the southeast. It had electricity in the mills by 1878, was home to around 3000 people, had its own stores, doctors, schools, post office and its own money.

Historic Paper Mills
Paper Mills at Banning

By the mid 1900’s, many of the mills had burned and were not rebuilt. Most of industry moved to Atlanta and the little township of Banning became forgotten.

Today, a guest can walk on the old town roads, explore the ruins of the mills and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Gorge.  The Inn has a small historical interpretive center for guests and there is an exhibit at Ga. Tech’s Museum of Paper making for Banning Mills.        

Paper Mills Ruins                       
Contact information:            
Historic Banning Mills, Horseshoe Dam Rd., Banning, GA. 30185
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A Very Beautiful Place!

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