Zip Line Adventures

Historic Banning Mills was the first Zip Line and Aerial Adventure Park in North America! With over 100 zip lines compiling nearly 11 miles of cable to ride, we also hold the Guinness World Record for the longest Zip-line Canopy Tour! We have an outdoor adventure for almost everyone with introductory, low to the ground levels for kids, and those who are just getting started zip-lining, all the way up to extreme zip lines measuring over 3,000 feet in length and hundreds of feet above the ground. Our course has so much to explore; it would take you a full two days to experience every zip line! Banning Mills is nestled along Snake Creek Gorge, which provides incredible scenery as you navigate the treetops and cross over the creek below.

Along your zip line tour, our guides will assist you in following our three main rules:

1. Be Safe

2. Have Fun

3. Learn Something

We use the Vertical Trek Innovations (VTI) Continuous Closed Belay System as our Primary Safety while at height. VTI is trusted by hundreds of zip line and adventure courses around the world and eliminates the potential of accidental disconnects during your tour. This means you are as safe as you can possibly be, leaving you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure!

Zip line down Screamer over lake
outdoor zipline adventure at historic banning mills
Eco-Spider ATV outdoor adventure by the lake
tandem eco-spider atv riders at the lake

Eco-Spider SWINCAR Tours

Welcome to the newest outdoor adventure at Historic Banning Mills! The Eco-Spider SWINCAR is an all-electric off-road vehicle designed to handle nearly any terrain! Each tire has independent electric motors and suspension, allowing this crazy contraption to climb over rocks, boulders, and uneven terrain while keeping you comfortably upright! Several of the cars are even ADA accessible with arms that pivot outward, allowing guests will limited mobility to easily transfer into the car and hit the trails!

Eco-Spider Tours are 60 - 90-minutes throughout the Snake Creek Gorge in either a single or tandem car. Along the way, you'll pass historic ruins, epic views, and even cross a massive suspension bridge 170 feet above Snake Creek!

Youth Summer Camps

Camp Adventure and Camp Extreme are week-long Summer Day Camps! Our Summer Camp provides nature-based learning and outdoor adventure activities including: Archery, Fishing, Paddle-boarding, Swimming, Team Building, Zip lining, Nature Walks, Kickball, Nature Programs, and much more! Camp Adventure is designed for children ages 8 to 13 and Camp Extreme is designed for children 13 to 16.

Outdoor Adventures at Summer Camp Zip Line
campers are ready for more zip lining
Outdoor team building activities in georgia
team building acid river challenge

Team Building And GPS Adventures

Promote Professional Development for colleagues. Boost group performance and productivity through outdoor challenges and team-building activities. Combine fun, Professional & Leadership Development outdoors! Our Team Building Facilitators are professionals at challenging groups to work together and solve unique puzzles and games designed to strengthen your team, improve communication, increase efficiency, and boost professional problem-solving skills.

Your group will learn valuable skills through our team building initiatives and discuss ways those lessons can be applied to your workplace or in their personal lives.

We have an extensive team-building course, providing a variety of unique programs for you and your team to experience and customize to fit your desired outcome!

World Record Climbing

Can you make it to the top of our tallest climbing wall? If you do, you'll have a certificate to prove you've climbed the tallest free-standing artificial climbing wall in the world! We have four unique climbing walls to test your skill level! While you climb, you'll have one of our professional climbing facilitators with you to cheer you on and help you every step of the way!

Climbing Wall
world's tallest free standing climbing wall at a georgia adventure park
Birds of Prey Nature Show
liberty the eagle with wings spread

Nature Shows

Historic Banning Mills offers an array of Nature Programs. Learn about a variety of indigenous reptiles, mammals, and raptors in a fun and exciting way!

Horseback Riding

Enjoy horseback riding on beautiful historic trails with peaceful surroundings! Ride on the old water raceway systems alongside Snake Creek and view the ruins of the paper mill. A unique and beautiful ride any time of the year! Rest assured, you are in great hands! Our horseback instructor, Lara, has been riding horses for over 20 years! Our horseback rides range from one to two hours. Riders must be at least 10 years old.

Horseback Riding
campers on a guided horseback tour
Snake Creek Shoals
shoals of Snake creek

Scenic And Historic Hiking Trails

As you hike along the old town roads, Creek Indian paths, and old water raceways, one can feel generations of the past envelop you. Hike along Snake Creek, explore the ruins of the paper mill, and walk on actual water raceways. Trails range from mild to moderately strenuous.

During your visit to Historic Banning Mills, spend some time in our lodge learning about the history of the property around you, then take to the trails and see the historical sites still doting the landscape! Explore the acres and acres of trails that weave along Snake Creek and the surrounding area! You may even see some wild Zip Liners and Horseback Riders while you're out there!

Kayaking Adventures

Enjoy a peaceful trip in our unsinkable kayaks. Our kayaks are safer than a boat or canoe, are hard to turn over, and no roll training is required. These kayaks provide a relaxing platform to observe nature's wonders and the native heritage of our rivers and creek. Enjoy kayaking in the Chattahoochee River or in our lake. Go back in time and paddle in the same areas as the Creek and Cherokee Indians did generations ago.

Kayaking on the Chattahoochee
enjoy the quiet serenity of kayaking on the chattahoochee river
Historic Banning Mills

We want your stay at Historic Banning Mills to be as enjoyable as you could possibly imagine. We are situated in the historic Snake Creek Gorge. When you visit Historic Banning Mills, you can expect to be greeted by a serene natural environment. While we offer modern amenities, being in a gorge presents challenges for modern conveniences like high-speed Wi-Fi while you are out enjoying the natural environment of Historic Banning Mills. You will have Wi-Fi service in certain areas around the property, but it is not high speed. We do have high-speed Wi-Fi available at the main lodge with dedicated Wi-Fi in our meeting spaces for our corporate guests.