Enjoy horseback riding on beautiful historic trails with peaceful surroundings! Ride on the old water raceway systems alongside the Snake Creek and view the ruins of the paper mill. A beautiful ride anytime of the year. A unique horseback riding adventure!

Horseback Riding Options:
$74 per person for an estimated 1-hour ride.
$99 per person for an estimated 2-hour ride.

Rider Requirements:

  • Must be 10 years old and up (we do not allow tandem rides).
  • Must wear a closed toed shoe to ride. Helmets available on request.
  • Riders must weigh 250 lbs. or less to ride.

Please Note:

Reservations are required to book Horseback Rides. We require a 7-day cancellation notice for all rides. If you cancel less than 7 days before the reserved ride, a 50% charge of the total will be applied to the credit card on file. You may move the date once with a full payment plus a $5 pp transfer fee as long as it is not the day of. No shows or day of cancellations are 100% charge.

Advance notice and reservations are required. Do not wear flip-flops, sandals or shoes without backs. A one-inch heel is suggested. Pants are suggested for a more comfortable ride. We must have a minimum of two riders to open a horseback tour.


At this time, all Horseback Ride reservations are by phone only. Please call 770-834-9149 to reserve your tour. Reservations are required to book Horseback Rides.

Please visit our Policies Page to review our restriction, weather, and 7-day cancellation policies.

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What should I wear riding?

Closed-toed shoes are a requirement. 

  • This means sneakers or boots with a full heel/back. No crocs, sandals, or 5-toed shoes allowed. People with improper footwear will not be allowed to go on tour and no refunds will be given.
  • Shoes with a 1-inch heel are recommended but not required.  

Dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Comfortable clothes are recommended. We ride rain or shine so wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little wet or sweaty. Long pants make riding more comfortable. Wear layers in cold weather. 

Glasses and sunglasses can be worn.

  • If you plan on taking them off during the tour, we recommend a strap. They may break if you put them in your pocket.
How safe are horseback tours?

Our guide will give all necessary instructions and will be with you the entire tour. Our horses are used to the trails and all rider skill levels. There are always risks associated when interacting with animals. Unexpected sounds and sights may cause horses to react unpredictably. We provide helmets upon request.

Do I need any experience?

No. Our guides will provide instructions before and during your tour.

Are there any health conditions that would exclude me from participating?

This tour is not for people with recent surgeries, joint or bone injuries, heart conditions, pregnant women, moderate to severe muscular-skeletal problems or severe arthritis. This list is not complete and any guest with medical problems should notify the staff and consult their own MD for participation recommendations. If you require fast-acting medication (like epinephrine), bring the medication with you on the tour and make your guide aware of your condition prior to departure.

Do I need to be in good shape?

Horseback riding is fairly low impact. Participants must have use of their upper and lower extremities, no visual impairments that can’t be corrected with visual aids, and must be able to hear and understand verbal commands.

Is water provided?

Not while on tour. We have water at the main lodge.

Is there a place to view friends and family?

Not while on the trails. You can see your group as they are mounting up and when they return which a good place to take pictures. 

Do I have to accompany my child on the tour?

Children can go unaccompanied as long as they are at least 10 years old.

All participants must have a signed waiver. Guardians must fill one out for all minors under 18.



Lara Jackson joined the Banning family about 10 years ago. Lara has been horseback riding since she was about 8 years old. About 20 years ago, Lara took her passion for horseback riding and opened Sandhill Trails located in West Georgia. Currently, Lara owns approximately 30 horses. Her area of expertise lies with training of horses. When asked why Lara came to Banning as our Wrangler she said “For the peace and solitude. Navigating the trails on horseback gives me the opportunity to take a stroll back in history at Banning. The historic artifacts are simply amazing. Couple that with the experience of meeting new people and opening their eyes to the art of horseback riding, each ride is truly a pleasure at Banning.” We thank Lara for being a part of our team! Pictured is Lara’s daughter Emma with one of Sandhill Trails many 4-legged residents.