What's the best way to experience the beautiful scenery of Snake Creek Gorge? You could walk the miles and miles of beautiful trails from the ground... Or you could trek the miles and miles of trails we've built in the tree tops for even more stunning views on our zip line canopy tours! At Historic Banning Mills, we've created an entire eco tour experience in the sky with bridges exceeding 700 feet in length!


With over 100 unique bridges around Banning (some on the walking trails and many on the zip line tours), there's tons to see! While many of our suspension bridges require personal protective equipment, several of our suspension bridges connect our miles of hiking trails and don't require any additional gear!

Bridges on our Hiking Trails

Our hiking trails require a $7 per person park fee to assist with keeping our trails clean and well managed. We have over 12 miles of hiking trails to explore: with some suspension bridges exceeding 550 feet in length and over 120 feet over Snake Creek.

Bridges on our Eco Canopy Zip Line Tours

We have over 100 amazing bridges, most of which can be experienced on our Eco Aerial Adventure Tours. These thrilling bridges require harnesses and the use of our continuous belay system. Please visit our zip line page for pricing!