A day zip lining at Historic Banning Mills

Since I have moved to Georgia I have been looking for that “one” thing unique to the area that I can bring our visitors to.  My wife has found all sorts of fun “girl” things to do with our visitors, so when the girls are off doing girl crap I need something fun to do with a guy.  Well after discovering Historic Banning Mills I have my “thing” to do with out-of-town guests.  It is very unique to the area, meaning you can’t do it just anywhere, and it is a BLAST.  I have always wanted to zip line and to find out I can do it only 20 minutes from my house was great.

It is important to know that you will need reservations, and you will be with a group of people.  Your day will start in the lodge after you check in.  They ask that you arrive 30 minutes early, which is just fine because they have a great deck with some great views, so killing 30 minutes is not a big deal.  The guides will gather up the group and bring you all to the area where you get geared up and go over all of the equipment and safety measures.  When I first visited Banning Mills I was nervous, having never done this before, I wanted to make sure it is safe.  Well let me tell you, they take safety VERY serious, and this put all my worries to rest.  Once you get all geared up your journey begins with a sky bridge to the first tower.…………READ MORE…………

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Historic Banning Mills