Legacy Tree Carvings at Historic Banning Mills

White Oak Nature Tree Carving at Historic Banning Mills

Historic Banning Mills, located in the beautiful Snake Creek Gorge, holds an enormous amount of history and unique natural features. When some of our oldest and most beloved trees fell over the years due to old age and storms, we decided that instead of letting them rot in the woods, we would let them continue…

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Exploring Georgia’s Unique Adventures

summer camper climbs to the top of adventure tower

Those looking for the ultimate in outdoor adventure will find it at Historic Banning Mills! Roughly 45 minutes West of Atlanta, the world’s largest zip line course and free standing climbing wall stand as one of the states hidden treasures for those seeking out unique Georgia adventures!

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Build a Stronger Immune System Worthy Reads

We know there’s a lot of hysteria going around right now surrounding the Covid-19 Coronavirus scare. During these times, it’s incredibly important we keep ourselves clean and protect our bodies from germs and viruses that are circulating the world. With all the madness ensuing in popular media it’s incredibly easy for many of us to…

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The Importance of Outdoor Play

Take a look at the children of today and the activities they most commonly engage in and you’ll find gaming systems, cell phones, tablets, and laptops at the forefront of nearly every child’s ammunition for engaging in their leisure time. Children of today are growing up with technology right at their finger tips. Ask any…

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Why Do We Use A Continuous Belay System?

What Is A Continuous Belay System? Before getting into what a continuous belay system is, it’s important to explain what a belay system is.  A belay system is the safety system that keeps you connected while at height. There’s a number of different types of belay systems used in the zip line industry. While all…

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Why Companies Should Consider Outdoor Team Building

team building balance challenge

Team building seems to have lost its way over the past several years. Most employees hear the phrase team building by management and quickly start contemplating ways to avoid the same old same old activities. It is important for employers and employees to fully understand the purpose and dynamics of team building activities as well…

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Georgia’s newest unique accommodations are now available at Historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, GA

Georgia’s newest unique accommodations are now available at Historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, GA. The new tree house village will make it so guests can spend a vacation with their feet off the ground. Overnight guests at Historic Banning Mills can branch out from traditional accommodations with the destination’s tree house village, the only village of its type…

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