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We know there’s a lot of hysteria going around right now surrounding the Covid-19 Coronavirus scare. During these times, it’s incredibly important we keep ourselves clean and protect our bodies from germs and viruses that are circulating the world. With all the madness ensuing in popular media it’s incredibly easy for many of us to decide to seek shelter indoors and attempt to wait out the chaos ensuing. We hope to set some of your minds at ease as we discuss a few reasons staying indoors and closing yourself off from the world might just be a bad idea.

Don’t get us wrong, venturing into highly populated areas with crowds of people is certainly a poor decision for your health right now. We are in no way encouraging you to seek out large attractions full of tons of visitors that may be unknowingly carrying an illness. You just might find however, that now more than ever, engaging in a fun outdoor activity in the sun and fresh air is just what the doctor ordered!

Our bodies require essential vitamins and minerals to keep us happy and healthy. For many of us, a life indoors has become all too common during our daily lives. Now, with the Coronavirus circulating the world, staying inside has become a popular choice for a large portion of the population. Staying indoors could actually be harming your immune system by depleting your body of those vitamins and minerals it requires to boost your immune system.

We know a large portion of our community is out of school and work for a period of time as we wait for the virus to become less of a threat. This creates a tremendous opportunity for all of us to take some time to ourselves and enjoy the outdoors a bit more than we usually are able to during our busy lives. Spending time outdoors gives us a great source of Vitamin D to boost our immune system. At the same time, our zip line tours are located away from highly populated areas in natural outdoor settings, exposing our guests to clean, fresh air and providing an escape from crowds and large cities.

Spending time outdoors has been proven to boost immune systems and fosters a healthy lifestyle, combined with providing a natural getaway for our guests to spend some time away from crowded public areas! Is it safe to venture out to a tourist destination during these times though?

Historic Banning Mills and all Screaming Eagle Adventures locations has taken an aggressive approach towards combating transferrable illnesses. All of our staff is under strict orders to stay away from work if they have any signs of an illness. In addition, we have increased the number of sanitation points throughout our property and our cleaning staff is working around the clock to continually sanitize every inch of our property. In addition to our strict sanitation efforts, we’ve reduced our tour sizes during this time to eight people per group of guides to both maximize guest experience and minimize population sizes of our tours.

Join us in nature for fresh air, sunshine, an escape from crowds, and an immersion in adventure! We look forward to having you out for an unforgettable experience and hope everyone is practicing good hygiene and enjoying any time you might have away from the desk!

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