Short Vacation Getaways Have Tremendous Health Benefits

We all know that feeling. You just spent months working hard to save up money and vacation days to spend on the family vacation of your dreams. Nothing’s going to get you down as you build up anticipation for your trip and enjoy a beautiful vacation full of relaxation and stress free time away from the office. There’s just one problem. Upon returning to work you find after a week or two, you’re ready for another vacation and are quickly burnt our once more! Weekend trips are great but they can’t possibly deliver the same level of rest and escape as a long vacation.

Studies show that may not be correct! In fact, Psychologist Daniel Kahneman, PhD, says that “people’s psychology can be divided into an experiencing self and a remembering self”. Your experiencing self enjoys the vacation and becomes relaxed and rejuvenated during your time away from work, while the remembering self carries that feeling of rejuvenation back home with you after your trip. Unfortunately, this positive effect can only last so long, and eventually you’ll find yourself burnt out once more and craving that next escape from the repetition of daily life. Does this sound familiar?

According to Psychology Today, “Vacations no matter the length only keep us invigorated for a few days to a few weeks after the trip. By taking shorter and more frequent vacations we can maximize the time spent feeling rejuvenated by travel and getaways”. This means you can live happier, feel more rejuvenated more often, and spend less money than you would on a long vacation.

Applying this method of taking short term getaways from work can be just as beneficial as long vacations but are able to occur much more frequently! As your post vacation excitement begins to waver you’ll find new excitement for the upcoming trip!

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