Why Do We Use A Continuous Belay System?

What Is A Continuous Belay System?

Before getting into what a continuous belay system is, it’s important to explain what a belay system is.  A belay system is the safety system that keeps you connected while at height. There’s a number of different types of belay systems used in the zip line industry. While all belay systems can be incredibly safe to use, most have the potential to be either intentionally or unintentionally disconnected from the course. This could be a potentially dangerous situation.

Continuous Belay means from the moment you hook on to the course at the very beginning until you are back on the ground, disconnecting on purpose or accidentally is impossible without a special tool, carried by our guides. This ensures our participants are as safe as possible while off the ground and also ties our course together seamlessly, which improves the natural tour experience by cutting down on bottle necks and prevents people from getting tangled up with each others safety hooks.

Why Did We Choose To Use Continuous Belay?

Historic Banning Mills has been around for twenty one years. Before our current safety hook system we used a two hook system that we like to call “crab claws”. The system is fairly simple to use. A guide or participant remains safely attached while at height by always having at least one “crab claw” connected at all times and uses the other to connect to the next safety point. The potential risk with a system like this is much higher due to the possibility of user error. If someone unknowingly disconnects both hooks, they are no longer safe, and could sustain serious injury. Thankfully, our guides have always been held to an incredibly high safety standard and were trained to always monitor guests and minimize the risks of potential dangers. Mike Holder, Owner of Historic Banning Mills, couldn’t help but worry about the possibility of an accident occurring and sought out a way to minimize that risk.

Vertical Trek Innovations Continuous Belay System was the solution to that problem and is a system we are incredibly proud of today. The peace of mind that comes along with increased participant safety is something any continuous belay system owner wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

It’s Incredibly Easy!

Using the VTI Safety Hook is incredibly easy for any age! The safety hook is shaped to look like a “C” with a small opening in one side. To move from one cable to the next the system uses connectors with flat metal plates that fit through the gap in the hook. During the entire tour the cable you are attached to remains in the center of the safety hook and is too thick to slide through the opening on the hook!

What this means for you is a worry free tour, so you can enjoy what’s important, HAVING FUN!! Plan your trip to Historic Banning Mills today and have the family adventure of a lifetime!


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